We had Larry Auton, one of the founders of, join us. Larry talked about how the website came into existence and how it was the vision of Taylor and the coming together of Larry and Alex Frakt’s expertise together with the help of the bogleheads member ‘Phoenix’. Bogleheads was for a very long time hosted out of Larry’s garage, but now he has moved his server/hardware to’s colocation facilities, provided by another Boglehead. We are grateful for their dedication to keep this wonderful website running and the moderators for keeping the discussion civil and focused.–South Florida local chapter meeting, July 30, 2017.


Barry Barnitz, administrator of both the Bogleheads® wiki and of Financial Page, a Bogleheads® blog. In addition I serve as an administrator of finiki, the Canadian financial wiki, as an administrator of la Wiki Bogleheads® España, and as an administrator of the John C. Bogle Center for Financial Literacy site.

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