I have contemplated many, many times the valuable contribution the purity and strict non-commercial aspects of this forum make to its usefulness. I know of no other site where I can go and receive such unbiased, unfiltered, and non-commercial information. I view the Boglehead forum as an excellent example of the benefit of crowd sourcing through harnessing the inherent wisdom of crowds. It’s a perfect example of virtually limitless individual member interests benefiting the whole. This would in no way be possible without the sacrifices of the moderators (in time alone). I consider myself extremely fortunate to be a recipient of their extreme generosity.   — Thank you administrators


Barry Barnitz, administrator of both the Bogleheads® wiki and of Financial Page, a Bogleheads® blog. In addition I serve as an administrator of finiki, the Canadian financial wiki, as an administrator of la Wiki Bogleheads® España, and as an administrator of the John C. Bogle Center for Financial Literacy site.

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