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A time to EVALUATE your jitters

This is a guest post from Bogleheads® forum member Nisiprius, originally published August 7, 2011.  Its central message is always relevant. See this Bogleheads Forum topic for comments. I want to say this carefully. This is not an optimistic “stay

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The Depression bear market

Author Taylor Larimore recalls his personal experience of the 1930’s great depression in this guest post. Personal and financial history can be helpful to understand how stock and bond markets work. I was eight years old in May 1932, when

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Monitoring Your Retirement Goal – the Funded Ratio

This is a guest post from Bogleheads® forum member Bobcat2. Definition Funded ratio – The ratio of a pension plan’s assets to its liabilities. A funded ratio above 1.0 indicates that the pension plan is able to cover all payments it

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A Three Fund Portfolio tailored for stable retirement spending

Bobcat2 has long been a proponent of applying the life cycle financial model of modern finance economics to the problem of creating a secure base of retirement income. In this guest post, he shows how a simple three-fund portfolio can

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If I knew then what I know now

Author Michael LeBoeuf addressed students at Arizona State University with the following words of advice. This is a guest post, passing along these fruits of judgment and experience. Last October, a friend who teaches Management at Arizona State University invited

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Taylor Larimore: Three fund portfolio

Author Taylor Larimore is a proponent of using a simple three-fund  portfolio, consisting of  a US total  stock market  index fund; a total market international stock index fund;  and a US total bond market index fund. The allocation of these

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Vanguard Personal Advisor Services Manages Your Accounts At An Affordable Price

This guest post is authored by Harry Sit , who posts on the bogleheads® forum as tfb and blogs at The Finance Buff. If you need help in coming up with an investment plan, Vanguard offers an affordable financial plan.

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Bonds as a stabilizer

This is a guest post from Bogleheads® forum member Nisiprius,  published August 14, 2011. It’s often debated whether we can expect to get the “historical rate of return” for an asset class going forward, but let’s not get into that.

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