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The Milwaukee Local Chapter held its first meeting on November 4, 2014 and continued in operation through  May 2018. The group held meetings on the first Tuesday of January, March, May, September and November. Meetings began at noon. (1st Tuesday every other month except July).

The chapter began a series of double meetings, one for beginning investors and one for experienced investors in November, 2017.  The meetings for experience investors are labeled “Bogleheads I”;  meetings for beginning investors are labeled “Bogleheads II”.  Bogleheads II meetings have been held at private residences.

The group ceased operations on May 20, 2018.

Meeting venue

Local meetings were held at the  Bollywood Grill in Milwaukee.


Bollywood Grill

Historical meetings

The slide below lists chapter meetings (three slides)

Slide link


The table below provides links to presentations delivered at Milwaukee Bogleheads chapter meetings.


Power point presentation Date
Retirement Funds: Will you still love me tomorrow? November 4, 2014
Asset allocation during withdrawals January 6, 2015
Morningstar style boxes   March 3, 2015
Fidelity Retirement Income tools  May 5, 2015
Bogleheads philosophy  September 1, 2015
Investment policy statement  November 3, 2015
Rebalancing March 1, 2016
Perspective: Keeping your head when all around you are losing theirs? May 3, 2016
Preparing for retirement: Streamline, simplify, document

November 1, 2016

All In One Funds 2016
Charitable donor funds March 7, 2017
 What’s your number? How to know when you’ve “made it”  May 2, 2017



Email address for the chapter leaders is:

For more information please refer to the Wisconsin – Milwaukee meetings – Master Thread.

Additional resources


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