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localchaptermeetingBogleheads® local chapters are as varied as the Bogleheads. As a complement to the national meetings, local Diehards or Bogleheads chapters have existed since January 2005. In addition to the Local Chapters and Bogleheads Community sub-forum, Yahoo Groups, Google Groups, and serve as a venue for meeting plans, recaps, and a way to stay in touch between meetings.

Some chapters meet in small informal groups at random dates. Other chapters have a set meeting schedule and a more formal meeting agenda. But the common bond between these local chapters are the desire to discuss personal investing with like-minded peers.

Information regarding the date and time, as well as planned agendas for group meetings, can be found by visiting Upcoming events in our site’s menu.

A complete list of local chapters and contact information is posted in the forum at: Bogleheads Local Chapters – General Info and Chapter List. For guidance and instructions on how to to join or form a local chapter see How to Join a Local Bogleheads® Chapter.

Local Chapters in this Blog

The following local chapters also have descriptive pages here on Financial Page. Descriptions include information regarding a chapter’s meeting tendencies; a listing of past meetings; meeting venues; picture galleries; contact information; and links to a group’s external sites and forum discussion threads. Not all chapters are currently active. See Inactive chapters for further information.

Chapter Chapter Chapter
Albany Bogleheads® Hong Kong Bogleheads® RTP NC Bogleheads®
Atlanta Bogleheads® Houston Bogleheads® Sacramento Bogleheads®
Austin Bogleheads® Israeli Bogleheads®  Salt Lake City Bogleheads®
Baltimore/South Pa. Bogleheads® Kansas City Bogleheads® San Antonio Bogleheads®
Boston Bogleheads® Las Vegas Bogleheads® San Diego Bogleheads®
Charlotte Bogleheads® Little Rock Bogleheads® Seattle Bogleheads®
Chicago Bogleheads®  Los Angeles Bogleheads® South Bay Bogleheads®
Cleveland Bogleheads® Louisville Bogleheads®  South Florida Bogleheads®
Columbus Ohio Bogleheads® Madison Wis. Bogleheads® St. Louis Bogleheads®
DC Bogleheads® Minnesota Bogleheads® Taiwan Bogleheads®
Detroit Bogleheads® NYC Bogleheads® Tampa Bay Bogleheads®
DFW Bogleheads® Philadelphia Bogleheads®  UAE Bogleheads®
Eastern Iowa Bogleheads® Portland Bogleheads® West Michigan Bogleheads®
Hershey PA Bogleheads® Providence/RI Bogleheads® Woodlands Texas Bogleheads®

Master meeting list

As noted in the wiki, several chapters maintain a “master list” for their meeting information. Bogleheads forum members interested in joining these meetings should post in the relevant thread:

US Chapters


Outside the US

Local chapter map

Boglehead Local chapters are displayed on the Google map below.

Local Chapters directory


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