adds Non-US forums is adding new non-US domicile forums to the Bogleheads forum. The forums were introduced on January 27, 2019.

This forum started with a US focus. Today, we reach world-wide and have many posts that are outside the US. The current forum layout is difficult to use – there is no clear separation between US and non-US investors. In addition to long-standing member requests for a non-US forum, we are also receiving requests to support websites which follow the Bogleheads investment philosophy.

We have listened. – LadyGeek, site administrator, Welcome to the new forum layout.

The new forums came about due to requests from our UAE Bogleheads® local chapter members, and from a group of Boglehead investors in Spain. There are three new non-US forums on the Bogleheads forum as well as links to two sister forums.

Non-Us investing forums:

  • Non-US investing: This forum is designed to serve investors living outside the US. This forum has two sub-forums:
    • United Arab Emirates: This forum is designed for our UAE Bogleheads group.
    • Spain: We have created this forum for Spanish investing.

Sister forums:

  • Canada: Canada does not have a sub-forum but we provide a link to the Financial Wisdom Forum, our sister forum in Canada.
  • Spain: On January 4, 2019, a group of Spanish investors created a new forum, Bogleheads® España, where they can meet and discuss investing using Bogleheads principles. We consider them our representatives in Spain, and also provide a link.

These new additions reflect the increasing number of forum members who live outside of the United States. The UAE local chapter serves over 2,800 members; the Spanish forum consists of over 150 individual investors and grows daily. As one new member states:

Hola, me pareció muy buena la idea de crear un ámbito de intercambio de ideas sobre la gestión pasiva, y poder aprender de gente que ya tiene mucha experiencia en este asunto. – Marcelo Loyante , Bienvenida y presentaciones.

While Boglehead investment principles have wide application, every nation has its own set of investment options, retirement systems, and legal and tax regimes that affect and regulate investment decisions.

Additional changes

Forum visitors will notice a number of additional changes to the forum.

The first change that forum visitors are likely to notice is the new grouping of subforums on the Board index. Here is the new breakdown of the groups.

  • US Investors : The group includes three forums: Personal Investments; Investing – Theory, News & General; and Personal Finance.
  • Non-US investors : The Non-US investors forum; the Spain and the United Arab Emirates subforums; a link to the separate Canadian FWF forum; and a link to the Spanish Bogleheads® (en español) forum.
  • Wiki : This grouping provides links to the Bogleheads® Wiki and the Canadian finiki wiki.
  • Community: The group consists of three forums:  Personal Consumer Issues; Local Chapters and Bogleheads Community; and Forum Issues and Administration. The Local Chapters forum has two subforums: US local chapters and non-US local chapters.

A new forum feature is the introduction of collapsible groups. Forum visitors will note that each major group includes a plus and minus toggle button that will open or close a forum. This allows the viewer a choice of preferable views.


Barry Barnitz, administrator of both the Bogleheads® wiki and of Financial Page, a Bogleheads® blog. In addition I serve as an administrator of finiki, the Canadian financial wiki, as an administrator of la Wiki Bogleheads® España, and as an administrator of the John C. Bogle Center for Financial Literacy site.

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