Sacramento Area Bogleheads Meeting Summary (March 12, 2016)

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McClatchy Library

THIRTEEN (13) persons arrived at the McClatchy Library in midtown Sacramento on March 12, 2016 to watch a video produced by Vanguard entitled, “The Best Approach to Investing”, led by Kahlilah Dowe, of Vanguard Personal Advisor Services; to hear a presentation by chapter member jkarnis on the topic of Taxes, and to listen and participate in discussions on various related topics.

The presentation focused on the planning required to populate a 1040 form and schedules with viable expense deductions to reduce tax liability and the handling of capital gains generated in taxable investment accounts.

The subjects of discussion were these:

  • What to do when changing the cost basis of investments in a taxable account from Average Cost to “spec id”.
  • Practical advice on boosting tax deductions; and which software to use in managing income and expenses or performing a Roth conversion.

If you were a fly on the wall during our meeting in March… you would be forgiven for thinking that there were hundreds of us. But since you’re a fly, it probably makes no difference. Thirteen, however, is an adequate number of participants to have generated conversation about these topics:

  • The skinny on Donor Advised Funds
  • Avoiding wash sales when harvesting losses
  • The last word on the tax ramifications of gift giving
  • An overview of two excellent actively managed funds
  • An answer to the question, ‘should one buy international right now?’
  • A few investing and business aphorisms
  • The name of one brokerage to be avoided
  • When is ‘a rule of thumb just a rule of thumb’?
  • What is MLP – and will I need a can of bug spray to get rid of it?
  • How to ‘stay the course’ while making adjustments to fund allocations



Rubicon Brewing Company

When the meeting was over a half dozen members gathered for lunch at Rubicon Brewing Company at 20th and Capitol streets.

An edited transcript (14 pages) that includes the discussion items and conversations alluded to above was mailed to meeting attendees on 7-21-2016.


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