Petition to nominate John C. Bogle for the Presidential Medal of Freedom

253px-PresMedalFreedomIn 2014,  a small, dedicated committee sought to nominate John Bogle for the Presidential Medal of Freedom. This effort did not succeed.

In a recent Forbes article,  author Phil Demuth asks, Where Is John C. Bogle’s Presidential Medal Of Freedom?

In reaction to this query,  the members of have initiated a petition to  the  White House to have Mr. Bogle receive a nomination.

Petition text

Here is the text of the petition.  Note that the petition form has a restriction of 800 characters.

John C. Bogle Should Get the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Bogle founded the Vanguard Group, a mutual fund company owned by the customers.  In an industry rarely known for integrity, he managed to align the interests of its shareholders with those of its clients. He started the first index mutual fund, saying it would triumph not because of management skill but because it was cheap to run. Over time, he was proved right. Lower expenses led to better returns. He worked to create a place where the average Joe could save for retirement, in funds with low minimum requirements, where stewardship beat speculation and the results are better than can be expected elsewhere.

Vanguard became the countries largest fund group by driving down the cost of investing for everyone. He didn’t become a billionaire. That money went into our pockets instead.

 Signing the petition

WethepeopleIf you would like to add your voice to the nomination effort, simply go to  the following link,,  and sign the petition.  The right hand side of the form will ask for your name, email address and zip code. You will be sent an e-mail to confirm your vote.


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