New York City Local Chapter meetings in 2013

The following summaries of New York City Local Chapter meetings are courtesy of Bogleheads® forum member quanuec.

 June 13, 2013 -Meeting Summary


Sony Atrium

Sixteen people turned up for our June 13 meeting at the Sony Atrium. Four members had to pass on this one because of the weather. I arrived around 5:55 pm. The first member arrived around 6:20 pm. We concluded around 9:15 pm. Members (as they arrived), started by introducing themselves.

Post introductions, members posed their individual questions and the group discussed solutions with them. We are fortunate to have very knowledgeable (and professional) investors in this group who happen to be super friendly as well. I took away a lot of positives from this experience and would be applying the tips to my portfolio in the coming few weeks.

We had general discussions about rising interest rates, investing in commodities, investing in real estate, tackling inheritance, and mortgage related issues.

There were some negatives: Due to the larger than expected turnout, a few members could not participate much since the seating arrangement was skewed with “members with answers” concentrated on one end, and “members with questions” all over. As such, discussions skewed to the area around “members with answers”. WE WILL FIX THIS IN THE NEXT MEETUP.

October, 24 2013 – Meeting Summary


Sony Atrium

We had another exciting meeting this Thursday, October 24, at the Sony Atrium. Fourteen members showed up. Discussions ranged from the merits of NYC municipal bonds; 401k/IRA and bankruptcy + litigation; net worth calculations [accounting principles];  investment motivation in home markets;  I-bonds [what, why, use, and how to invest an additional 5k];  the backdoor roth;  the pros and cons of buying property in NYC/NJ;  the pros and cons of maintaining a car in NYC;  the permanent portfolio; motivations for becoming a boglehead;  exchange-traded funds (ETFs) versus mutual funds…[I am sure I am missing a few more points]. It might be worthwhile to compile a list of FAQs for future meetings.

A member shared some great facts about buying real estate in NYC city. This was the book he suggested in the meetup : The New York Co-Op Bible: Everything you need to know about co-ops and condos: Getting In, Staying In, Surviving and Thriving, by Sylvia Shapiro ISBN: 0-312-34075-3

Thanks a lot for attending this Thursday’s meetup. Those who could not make it, I hope to see you at the next meetup.


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