Vanguard podcast: Getting started: What would you tell your younger self?

Vanguard has initiated a new podcast series, The Planner and The Geek. The series includes audio podcast interviews with authors and experts who participated in the 2017 Bogleheads® 2017 Conference. The first podcast in the series, Getting started: What would

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Vanguard funds and payables to Vanguard Group Inc.

At year-end 2017 The Vanguard Group Inc. managed over five trillion dollars of investor assets. This accumulation of assets is a continuation of a trend of massive inflows of investor funds. The company surpassed two trillion dollars in assets under

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Vanguard Group Inc. book value

One of John Bogle’s most unique achievements is the creation of the organizational structure of The Vanguard Group. It is common for both Bogle and Vanguard to refer to the company as a “mutual” mutual fund company, since the investment management

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2018 Bogleheads® Conference announcement

The conference sold out six hours after the announcement.   We are pleased to announce that our 2018 Bogleheads® Conference will be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with check-in starting at 2PM on Wednesday, October 3, 2018. The meeting will end

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Under the hood – Vanguard US stock index funds in 2017

Vanguard issues annual reports for the firm’s international and global index funds on October 31 of each year. The reports provide information that can highlight some of the underlying conditions affecting a fund’s future capital gains distribution outlook; an indication of a fund’s foreign tax credit; the level of security lending in each fund, and […]

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CAPE and Safe Withdrawal Rates

Michael Kitces wrote an intriguing article in 2008, which notably quantified the (empirical) relationship between the Cyclically Adjusted PE ratio (aka CAPE) and safe withdrawal rates (SWR) of subsequent retirement cycles. This blog article extends this study, adding ten more years of data (i.e. up to 2017), and then ponders about the practical applicability of such findings.

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Interview with Taylor Larimore, author of The Bogleheads Guide to the Three-Fund Portfolio

Taylor Larimore, affectionately known as “the dean of the Bogleheads,” will soon (June 26, 2018) see the publication of the third Bogleheads Guide book, The Bogleheads Guide to the Three-Fund Portfolio. Taylor has kindly agreed to answer a few questions

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Bogleheads® Forum turns eleven

On February 19, 2007, some fifty intrepid investors took a leap and signed up to get a new Bogleheads forum up and running. For the math challenged, that means this coming February 19, 2018, the forum will be eleven years

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Reducing transaction costs: cross trading and in-kind redemption

One of the main arguments for investing in passive index funds is the relative assurance of reaping a fair share of market returns. But as market benchmarks bear no costs, an index fund manager needs to reduce frictional costs in

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Telling Tales – 2017 update

This article provides updated Telltale charts, including 2017 returns. It focuses on the relative past performance of value and size factors compared to the total US market, as well as studying international and real estate funds. 
Using Telltale charts can be very informative, truly ‘telling the tale’ of what happened over time to portfolio trajectories, illustrating return to the mean properties, or lack thereof.

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